Future so Bright the Midwest Needs Shades

FMW 2010This past weekend saw a conference of epic proportions. Typically I’m underwhelmed by conferences; they promise these mind-blowing, motivation inspiring experiences that rarely metastasize into realization of the guarantee. This was not to be the fate of the Future Midwest Conference (#FMW10 on Twitter), held in Royal Oak, Michigan. [Read more…]


Do More Than ‘Net Work & Network

I love social media. I have met many wonderful people that have become colleagues, friends, associates, and partners. No matter how often we speak online through our various networks, the power of face-to-face old school networking is still very relevant.  I see some businesses trying to go the easy route by focusing too much on making the ‘net work that they forget to network.  More important, they forget (or were never taught) how to effectively network.

We hear about networking all the time. People often mistake it for something it is not, though. It is so omnipresent in the lexicon of America that the meaning has become watered down.  It is sort of like a brand name that has become a commodity. Some good examples are Kleenex, Jeep or Coke – even Sea-Doo suffers from this affliction.  Well, add networking to the pile of words/brands over-used creating meanings as eroded as the smooth water beaten pebbles on the beach. [Read more…]


Good Things are Coming

Pass it OnPower of Positive ThinkingLast week, I was at the Mid America Truck Show.  I noticed a distinct difference in the general rhetoric I have recently heard from my cohorts in the transportation industry. The last couple of years have been arduous for anyone looking to increase their business. This is especially true in an industry that has seen a 40% decline in business. Yet, I was reminded of the optimism of this great country, because I heard almost everyone utter the sentiment that good things are coming  -in their own way.

In one instance, I heard a vendor being proud of the orders they’ve brought in to their business recently. The sentiment also came in the form of, “well the phones are ringing again, and that is a good thing.” The fact of the matter is, the positive attitude can be the first step in realizing tangible advancement. The spiritual principle that “your world reflects your thoughts” is very true and may be turning toward positive in the business community.

This Universal Law demonstrates how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

There is a great opportunity for us to shape our world, because we’re coming from a place where the canvas has to be re-drawn, completely. Holding fast and steady to our thoughts of growth will draw to us the resources necessary to make this reality possible and true. Good things are coming and are on their way. We just have to continue thinking that a great miracle will happen for our respective communities, and they will.

I like hearing stories of triumph. Do you have anything that you would like to tell the world about? Who knows, it may inspire the prosperous thoughts, and ultimately, actions of others.



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