What Is Hand-Raiser Marketing?

Hand-Raiser Marketing is an advocate for developing the academic and practical field of Integrated Marketing Communications. Therran Oliphant, the Chief Communications Strategist, focuses on using technology to effectively move the profit and brand awareness needle for businesses. Whether your business is yourself, a product or a service, the rule that the brand’s messages and communications should be as coordinated as a beautiful sonata holds true. When all offerings, communications, and deliverables are in alignment hand-raisers are created. Those people can then be turned into brand advocates.

Hand Raiser Marketing is focused on helping drive relevant prospects, to your brand, for you to message and ultimately sell your products and services to. Currently, buyers suffer from message fatigue, and brands are lost in the calamity of clutter. We, at Hand Raiser Marketing™ will help you develop a communications plan that creates interest, opt-ins and conversions.

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