In 2010: Respect your Prospect

As of today, I am calling on all marketers to respect their prospects this year.  Too often, I see SPAM, intellectually lazy communications, and a general lack of respect for the message receiver. I ask Marketers, what do you do when someone screams at you? You may hear, but you don’t listen. 

The same happens when your communications are unexpected, too obtrusive, or inconsistent with prospect’s wants.  Remember, your communication IS the organization to many people. If your communication approach, style and words are crummy, then so is the company you represent.

I see no reason why this year can’t be the best year ever for dialog between businesses and consumers there has ever been. Social Media and Web 3.0 technologies are making this more of a reality than ever. If you need further proof, just take a look at what Domino’s “Oh Yes We Did” campaign – it is brilliant. They have successfully turned a negative conversation into one that says, “I hear you and I’m doing something about it.”

I don’t think this marketing campaign occurs without the advent of social media. More importantly, the consumer gets what it wants, the business benefits and everybody’s happy. With this in mind, I’m putting together a Marketer’s Code of Conduct. Some of the highlights are as follows, but you can click here for the full download to become a part of the movement.

  • I will not spam prospects without cause
  • I will not buy email lists from people unless they have requested to be contacted
  • I will listen to my consumers and prospects
  • I will create engaging content
  • I will develop and foster dialog

If you like what you see, join the movement today! By signing Marketer’s Code of Conduct you will say to the world that I am a responsible and respectful marketer. We all look forward to running campaigns that promote the best of the industry, and you can help accomplish it! Thank you for your help, in advance. Please send all signed copies back to Therran at, or fax to 248-924-2955 so you can be published on the responsible marketer list!

About Therran Oliphant

Therran Oliphant is a strong advocate for developing the academic and practical field of Integrated Marketing Communications. Holding an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) from Eastern Michigan University, Therran has been a staunch advocate for developing the theoretical, practical and applicable concepts of the field, especially as it comes to digital advertising and media. His main passion is helping marketers more accurately interface with the technology community and ask the right questions to help them accomplish the objectives their brand customers have set. A career in data and advertising technology has allowed him to have a unique perspective on the science of utilizing the right methodologies to systematically ask the right questions that lead to delivering the outcomes necessary for success.

  • Thia Hamilton

    Great leadership, Therran! I too am all about increasing excellence among marketers to raise the quality level and credibility of the entire industry. We have so much to offer to so many–especially in these devastating economic times. By increasing the care and stewardship of what we do, and how we do it, I really believe we can change lives and make the world a better place! I invite you, or others, to read some of my own posts and articles on the topic of excellence,

    I’ll gladly sign on to the Marketer’s Code of Conduct!

    All the best,

  • Therran Oliphant

    Thanks, Thia!

    I am happy to see some support, and like-minded professionals willing to take the plunge – so to speak. I checked out your site, also. You have some interesting stuff.

    I look forward to getting that pledge form!

  • Stephen Ross

    Hi I just borroed the respect picture (man with hat bowing) for my personal facebook poetry gallery. (not commercial) I hope thats ok but if not please advise and I willl replace it. I have credited your website in the subject.

    you can see the poem here

  • Therran Oliphant

    No worries Stephen!