Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

Life is funny. There are a multitude of universal truths that are relevant no matter what religion, faith, non-faith, philosophy, or lifestyle you lead. One thing that I’m learning is true, as I move into a new house, is that cleaning the space around you can effect you mentally. When was the last time you truly looked deep into the archives of your life and decided to clean everything up? When you did that, did it change the way you thought? Did you feel as though you were newly acquiring the old you? I know I have. I feel more connected to ME since my move, and I feel as though it has made me more creative and able to accept the good that I know is coming my way.

Since our businesses are entities, then we need to do the same for them that we do for ourselves. Think about getting out your old business plans, communications documents, balance sheets, income statements, and amortization schedules for your equipment. Throw out what is not necessary so that you have physical and energetic space to make room for the good that we have yet to consciously realize we thought of.

I am making a pact to myself, today, to clean out my mental and physical space once a quarter – as well as my business documents. Anybody out there want to make the pact with me? I hope so, because I remembered how much I don’t like being alone when I did my cleaning this past week. 😀

Additionally, even if you don’t plan on a new “Big Idea” then you should still bi-annually take out all the unnecessary or weak words from your communications then hit the scene/business landscape again with a cleaned up and recent representation of the greatness that is your small business.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave me a message about the last time you cleaned stuff up in your life. I’m inspired right now; I hope you are too.